Procedures for Landscape Projects

This information is intended to clarify the process for review and approval of landscape projects at the University of Virginia.

Landscape projects are those that entail changes to the landforms and plantings of the University Grounds. These include grading, drainage and storm water management, parking lots, roads, driveways, sidewalks, dumpsters, lighting, benches and other site amenities, walls, fences, gates and plantings of trees, shrubs, groundcovers and flowers.

Many projects will require design by a certified landscape architect engaged as outside consultants. Advance planning with the University Landscape Architect and the Landscape Superintendent is essential.

All landscape projects, with the exception of routine maintenance, will be initiated through the Work Management Office.

Projects that conform to the Master Plan and Facilities Management Design Guidelines and do not involve tree impact or significantly alter the appearance of the landscape will proceed without further review.

Major landscape projects and all those that involve planting, tree removals or tree impacts must be reviewed. This includes trees impacted during the course of a project even if the impact is a result of a plan change. In the latter case decisions about trees will be made within two working days or the decisions will revert to the construction manager.

Review is typically carried out by:
University Landscape Architect
Landscape Superintendent
Arboretum and Landscape Committee

Additional review may be needed by:
ASBO for code related items
Safety and Security Committee
University Architect for all plaques and signs
Curator and Architect for the Academical Village (for all work in the Academical Village)

Summary of Responsibilities
Work Management Office
decides project routing and assigns work order number

University Landscape Architect
assures that projects conform to University Master Plan and precinct plans
advises on selection of consulting landscape architects
advises on design of outdoor spaces and plant selection
reviews project before review by Arboretum and Landscape Committee
approves tree staking
serves as liaison between the Development Office, Facilities Management and donors in selecting and placing memorial trees and benches

Landscape Superintendent
provides technical advice on plants and planting
reviews planting plans
judges health of plants
advises on impact of proposed projects
advises on location of utilities to minimize impact on vegetation

Arboretum and Landscape Committee
reviews landscape design guidelines
reviews and advises on landscape design and planting projects on University Grounds and at Blandy Farm arboretum
approves planting and removal of trees
administers Seward Forest funds