Nitrogen Footprints

Scientific understanding of the effects of nitrogen on the environment has expanded greatly due to research in the Department of Environmental Sciences. Nitrogen in its inert form is harmless and ubiquitous. But in its reactive form, nitrogen is responsible for significant and wide-reaching environmental impacts, including smog, acid rain, and aquatic dead zones, and is a contributor to global warming. In February 2011, Environmental Sciences researchers and the International Nitrogen Initiative launched a personal nitrogen footprint calculator, N-Print, that enables individuals to quantify how their personal actions contribute to the nitrogen dilemma. This research is also forming the basis of the upcoming nitrogen phase of UVA’s Environmental Footprint Reduction Plan. The fourth phase of the Plan will quantify the University’s nitrogen footprint, propose a reduction target, and develop strategies to reach that target.

Please click here to read the Environmental Footprint Reduction Plan on Nitrogen.